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A Far Reflection, the new album by Kevin Kastning and Carl Clements, is now available on Greydisc Records. Worldwide release by Greydisc Records on 26 January 2016. Available on CD or mp3 atiTunes.. Kevin Kastning: 36-string Double Contraguitar, 30-string Contra-Alto guitar, Ebow; Carl Clements: tenor and soprano saxophones, alto flute, bansuri flutes, is now available on Greydisc Records through Amazon and CDBaby


Watercolor Sky,"the new album by Kevin Kastning + Carl Clements, is now available on Greydisc Records through Amazon and CDBaby.
Kevin Kastning:36-string Double Contraguitar, 30-string Contra-Soprano guitar
Carl Clements: Tenor & Soprano saxophone, Alto flute, Bansuri flute

Carl will be Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Hampshire College for the 2015-2016 academic year. He will also be continuing as the saxophone instructor at Amherst College.

Please click on GIGS here or above for the current performance schedule.

Nowhere, Now Here: the new album by Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements on Greydisc Records is available on CD or mp3 atwww.amazon.com and here. Kevin Kastning on 30-string Contra-Soprano guitar, 17-string Contraguitar, 16-string Contraguitar; Carl Clements on tenor and soprano saxophones, and alto flute.

Carl is featured on the CD Conquistador with Latin Jazz Evolution, which was released on August 20, 2012. There will be several upcoming concerts celebrating the CD release (see GIGS for details).

Carl's duo CD with guitarist Kevin Kastning Dreaming As I Knew is available worldwide on Greydisc Records, available on CD or mp3 atAmazon.com and many other locations. Seehttp://www.kevinkastning.com/ and click on "Discography" for more details).

New videos of the January 25, 2012 concert in Heidelberg, Germany are now available at http://www.carlclements.com/videos.html, or by clicking on VIDEOS here or above.

Carl's album "FORTH AND BACK" is available through this website or atwww.cdbaby.com.

For bookings, lessons, or to request information, contact Carl.

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