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Carl Clements  'FORTH AND BACK'

1. Eddies   hi-fi   |   lo-fi
2. Fools and Kings   hi-fi   |   lo-fi
3. Diffraction   hi-fi   |   lo-fi
4. Off Blue  
5. Well Before Spring  
6. Forth and Back   hi-fi   |   lo-fi
7. The Past  
8. Spider Bridge   hi-fi   |   lo-fi
9. The Moon at the Window  
Carl Clements: soprano and tenor saxophones
Bennett Paster: piano
Jim Whitney: bass
Diego Voglino: drums

All compositions by Carl Clements

Mixed by Larry Phillabaum
Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Records
Cover artwork by Amanda Barrow

Recorded in August 2004 by Larry Phillabaum at Bennett Paster Studios

Produced by Carl Clements