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Selected Compositions by Carl Clements: 

Forth and Back (click here for score) 

Eddies (click here for score) 

Fools and Kings (click here for score) 

Firefly (click here for score) 

Of Fading Crimson (click here for score) 


Carl Clements and Kevin Kastning: 

This Daytime Haunted from the album Watercolor Sky 

Lunar Incantation Precision from the album Nowhere, Now Here 


Hindustani Classical Bansuri Performances: 

Carl Clements performing rag Bihag at Sangit Mahabharati for Pannalal Ghosh's birthday celebration 

Carl Clements performing rag Puriya Dhanashri at Hampshire College with Narendra Budhakar on tabla 

Carl Clements performing rag Desh at Hampshire College with Narendra Budhakar on tabla