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Carl Clements, the internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist hailing from Massachusetts, weaves a remarkable tapestry of sound on both Tenor and Soprano saxophones. With a conversational style that's both explorative and emotionally invested, Clements mesmerizes listeners with his pensées and visions, while the guitar provides a beautiful backdrop to his sonic wanderings. 

- Mediaversal Music (US) 
  July 2023

"Carl Clements is both a jazz master of tenor and soprano saxophones, as well as, alto flutes, again with many compositions." Scott S Mertens, The Phantom Tollbooth (

"The 13 entirely improvised pieces on this sublimely beautiful recording by Kastning... and Clements... tap deep wells of subterranean feeling while simultaneously filtering light from the Empyrean." 
Barry Cleveland, 

"catch the remarkable tone Clements invokes... sounding like a lost artifact from Oregon's prime, something providentially found on the cutting room floor during that remarkable band's Music from Another Present Era period...Clements is... conversationally inclined, explorative, emotionally invested, at times Garbarekesque... Clements.. wastes no time mesmerizing the listener as the guitar paints backdrops for his pensees and visions." 
Mark S. Tucker, 

“a fine composer and player… … maybe due to his assimilation of Indian music performance techniques. Clements can articulate verbally and on his instrument with ease and dexterity." 
Marc Medwin, 

"Clements tells a compelling story with his strong sense of time and linear development." 
H. Allen Williams, Jazz Times 

“A touch of Hindustani inflected the entire performance….The scorching solos drew applause every single time.” 
Arhat Sett, The Times of India 

“The mood is pensive and it flows musically through Carl's soprano saxophone solo as it tells the story in a very picturesque way.” 
Peter LaBarbara, Jazz Zine 

“…brawny yet thematically rich tenor sax soloing” 
Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz 

“Clements' style harkens back to early jazz by emphasizing the melodic variation of the piece's central theme rather than using it as a starting point to be abandoned. This results in spare yet friendly runs… Clements' saxophone is more aggressive, invoking the bluster and brilliance of Charlie.” 
Ron Davies, Spendid Ezine 

“Carl… chirps with power, letting all share in his joy” 
John Barrett, JazzUSA 

"North March" highlights the strong emotion of Carl Clements' singing soprano sax,” “The intriguing ‘Firefly’… Clements ‘flies’ in, as the sax glides over the track with intensity,” “Clements soulful sax gets the steam rolling.” 
Denai Burbank, Jazz Review 

"a throaty blues workout, with bracing solos by saxophonist Carl Clements..." 
Nathaniel Friedman, Jazziz

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